Nice Try

by Nice Try

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Madeline Robinson - vocals, guitar, bass
Kahler Willits - drums

recorded at Magnetic South in Bloomington, Indiana


released February 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Nice Try Bloomington, Indiana

Madeline + Kahler + Steve

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Track Name: president
I nearly lost it in the front row. Over my shoulder you said you were going to cry. I've got big feelings and no good way of communicating the half of them. I just need to learn what it's like to move fast. I just need to learn to be whatever I am to you. Standing in front of your house we said the clumsiest goodbyes and both laughed. I ran for blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks before it even crossed my mind to maybe walk. I just need to feel something, something, anything new. I just need to learn to be whatever I am to you.
Track Name: wet willy
Slow walk home, fingers crossed. I dread the winter but right now it feels so good. We've never really talked but once it starts it never stops. Four cups of coffee. Drink them so slow that by the time I'm finished it is so cold, so cold. Now that we've talked, I hope it never stops. Push everything bad away. Cling on to something new. I will finally let myself feel okay and it will all start on this morning walk with you. Ooh, with you. It's you.
Track Name: patience
Sitting on the wall overlooking the street, I glance at your face, stare back at my feet. Every night on my walk home, I walk past your home. See if the car's in the driveway, just keep walking either way. I never notice til the moment it happens. In the water on my back with my eyes wide open. Wondering if you felt how I felt. I think I'd rather float forever than even find out. You ask what I intend to to. I believe in trying. You do too. What I want and what I need, so consistently such different things. What you say versus what you do makes it so hard to trust you. I could dedicate my life to making this turn out alright but we'll work hard to make it good then it'll apart just like it should. Everything with time.
Track Name: water pennies
I knew that when I got back home not much would be different. Nothing has blown over. Now it's October. And what I think about come Fall is how little you've changed. I feel so much older and colder and stronger. And you looked right at home at the stage side dancing like you had nothing to hide. I can't shake the image from my mind. And when I need to feel better I stare at the Jordan River. Look for water pennies in the mud. When the rocks are stacked high I know that I will have good luck.
Track Name: minus two
When you were one I was minus two. I stay up late at night wondering what it means to be you. It's always inconclusive. You offer no solutions. Wrote three songs in a week about you and the way I was torn apart completely by the thoughtless things you'd always say. Hung what you made on my wall. Took it down. Tore it up. You made me soft then you made me tough. Keep saying its okay. Keep saying its fine. I was always yours. Were you ever mine?
Track Name: no big deal
Take a trip around the block to talk to you. You never answer when I call so I listen to your message, then I talk to a machine. Or sometimes it just rings and rings and rings and rings and rings. I don't mind living this way. Write or call every day. I just want it to feel like no big deal. Let's go back to life the way it was before. Talking all night on your mom's basement floor, feet up on the car dash, your teacher singing on a bright yellow cassette. Wouldg't mind living that way. Talking with nothing to say. I just want it to feel like no big - I'm always living in doubt. Take me to a life without the pressure to feel like nothing a big deal.
Track Name: magical thinking
Walking home with your coat on like a cape. I'm getting cold. It's a little to late. I used to think I needed someone to push me around. Time is so quickly moving past us. You're afraid you havent done enough but I'm eternally sitting beside you on the hot ground. Somehow I woke up to see I am essentially free. I don't need to be told. I'm finally in control. I'm eternally outside on the school bench in the springtime. I'm eternally changing my mind but no longer feel like I have to decide.
Track Name: your hair
You bite your tongue when you smile. Your hair is growing out. Soon it will be in your eyes. You bite your tongue when you smile. Your hair is growing long now. It's getting in your eyes now. What do I say to you? I'm doing nothing. I know you are too. What do I say to you when you always give me nothing? You make me feel like nothing. I've got a lot on my mind I wanna say to you, I wanna say to you. I've got a lot on my mind. I wanna talk to you. I never talk to you. You bite your tongue when you smile. Your hair is growing out. Soon it will be longer than mine. Your charm is hard to deny but I can see right through you so I can live without you.